Prace Naukowe AJD - Technika, Informatyka, Inżynieria Bezpieczeństwa
International Journal of Engineering and Safety Sciences
(previously: Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa Scientific Issues.
Technology, Computer Science, Safety Engineering; ISSN 2300-5343)
                                                              (ISSN 2657-3334)


The papers submitted to “Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa Scientific Issues. Technology, Computer Science, Safety Engineering” should be written in Polish or English (preferred) according to the following guidelines.pdf

A paper is first considered by the Editorial Board. If the subject of a paper is not consistent with the journal profile or the text of a paper contains distinct defects, a paper can be rejected. After preliminary acceptance of the paper by the Editorial Board, the ID code is assigned to the paper and it is sent to reviewers. The choice of reviewers is confidential. The reviewers are „external” and testify that there is no conflict of interests. The reviewer evaluates the paper and indicates whether it can be published as it is, needs some corrections or cannot be published at all. After positive review, the author (authors) corrects the paper according to suggestions of reviewers (if requested by reviewer) and submits to the Journal the final version of the paper. The Editorial Board reserves the right for making small corrections in the text of the final version of the paper.

To eliminate „ghostwriting” and „guest autorship” the Editorial Board demands to indicate a contribution of each of the authors in preparing a publication statement.pdf The Editorial Board documents all the cases of violation of scientific ethics and informs the corresponding institutions about such situations.

If the paper is financed by any associations or other institutions, the indication of the source of financing is expected.

Submitting the paper for publication implies the acceptance of the following requirements:

  • A person submitting a paper is responsible for its contents;
  • The Journal publishes only new and original research;
  • Papers are published in printed and electronic version (the printed version is the primary one).

All content is Open Access, meaning it is freely accessible online to everyone, everywhere. Authors publish under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). Anyone may copy, distribute or reuse these articles for any purpose, as long as the author and original source are properly cited.


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